• When you walk into your healthcare provider’s office you expect to be diagnosed and treated. But what happens after that?

    At The Wellness Firm, we know that when you walk out our door, you have the power to accelerate your recovery. That’s why we work to help you better understand your condition and treatment so you can take an active role in your progress.


    Empowering you means knowing why something is happening to you and what you can do about it, which leads to more rapid improvement, lower stress levels and a faster return to your desired lifestyle.


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    Everything’s Connected

    As an Integrative physician, I utilize all the benefits of conventional medicine combined with a holistic approach. This allows me to see the bigger picture as a diagnostician and to offer you more, less invasive treatment options… and it all begins with learning as much about you as I can.


    Getting to know your thoughts, frustrations, and lifestyle helps me to find the root cause of your present condition. The most important thing that I can do is to ask the right questions and listen. When I thoroughly understand the emotional toll you’re challenged with and how it affects you psychosomatically, we can develop the most effective treatment plan. A treatment plan that guides your soul to an optimal state of well-being.